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Archbishop Arseny and Metropolitan Theophilius in the Summer of 1940

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Friday, February 27th
St. Raphael of Brooklyn
6:00 Midnight Office, Matins and 1st hr
9:30 Hours and Presanctified Liturgy
4:00 Matins
Saturday, February 28th
St. Theodore Saturday
7:40 Hours and Divine Liturgy
4:00 Vigil
Sunday, March 1st
9:10 Hours and Divine Liturgy
3:50 9th Hour, Vespers, and Matins
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March News and Events - 02/26/15

The Brotherhood along with the Church passes through the 'heart' of Lent on the way to Pascha.

Suggested Lenten Reading *Updated* - 02/24/15

Feed your spirit with a Lenten feast of faith.

Two Valentines from Church History - 02/12/15


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