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Please use the following form to request prayers for your family, friends, or loved ones who are in need of prayers.

1. Please provide first names only (no nicknames) .
2. For Orthodox Christians please submit the baptismal name if possible.
3. For Orthodox clergy and monastics please use titles (Priest instead of Father, etc.).
4. Please do not enter the same names for a Moleben and Liturgy Commemoraton...enter the Commoration only as it is daily.

Please enter one name per line, first name only with nothing else. Press the 'enter' key to go from line to line in the box. For accuracy of names and consistency submissions not in this exact format will be returned to you for re-submission. Thanks very much for your understanding and help.

All prayer and service requests are gathered throughout the week and sent to the Brotherhood on Fridays.  We are sorry but we cannot offer services on specific dates. 

First names only ~ each on a separate line First names only ~ each on a separate line
For the health and salvation of the servants of God.

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