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Our Monastatic Community Art

This is a new section dedicated to the artwork of our monastics, both current and past pieces that are sold at the bookstore. For inquires about pieces or for custom pieces, please contact the Monastery bookstore at 570-937-4390.

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St. Tikhon of Moscow, oil painting, 1907
St. Elizabeth, New Martyr, water-color
Entry into Jerusalem, egg-tempura
St. Herman of Alaska, pastel
Monastery Church, pastel
Monastery Church, water-color
Monastery Church and Bell Tower at Twilight, water-color
Nativity Icon, egg-tempura
Elder Paisios, pen
Fr. Naum's Chapel, water-color
St. Tikhon of Moscow, pen
Theotokos, All Saints Chapel, egg-tempura
St. Silouan and Fr. Sophrony, pencil
Monastery of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk
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