2013 Nativity Message
2013 Nativity Message

Read Abbot Sergius'  2013 Nativity Letter.

"Each Nativity Season, we are reminded why God created man in the beginning: Man was
created with the purpose and ability to see God and through this vision to share in God’s own life
and become eternal. The first-created man in Paradise saw God and this vision was his life.
However, when man fell away from God, through his own will thereby introducing death into the
world, God Himself came to resume the dialog that He originally had with man before it was
broken by the fall. Not in a whirlwind, nor a threatening thunder, nor a flaming fire does the Lord
our God come to man, thereby frightening him. No, God comes to us again this Nativity in the
most accessible, most vulnerable and easily received way: as a Child."

Abbot Sergius' Complete Letter

Metropolitan Tikhon's Nativity Message


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