Saturday of Souls Memorial for the Departed
Saturday of Souls Memorial for the Departed

We invite all of the friends of the monastery to submit names for the Divine Liturgy on October 25.

In conjunction with the visit of the Kursk Root Icon names of the departed will be offered in the Divine Liturgy on Saturday which is the last Saturday of Souls of 2014. 

The October Memorial is often called the 'Memorial Saturday of St Demetrius' since it falls before the Feastday of St. Demetrius of Thessalonica.  On September 8, 1380, Russian Prince Saint Demetrius Donskoy led Orthodox troops against the Mongol Golden Horde that had oppressed the nation for over 100 years.   The Battle of Kulikovo Field saw the first victory and step toward independence of the Russian nation.  

The Prince was devoted to the Greek saint for whom he was named and had the icon of St. Demetrius  (which was painted on wood from the saint's grave) brought for veneration in Moscow.   The Saturday before the Feastday of St. Demetrius was set aside to pray for those soldiers who died in the battle and was gradually extended to all the departed in the Orthodox world  similar to the other Saturday of Souls. 

Please use the form below to submit names and also consider making a donation of any amount to help St. Tikhon's Monastery continue to serve America as it has since 1905.

We appreciate the opportunity to pray for the souls of those whose names have been submitted.  Due to the preparations for the arrival of the icon we are no longer accepting names for the commemoration.  However, now or in the future, remember our regular commemoration forms are available throughout the year.

History of Demetrius Memorial Saturday

WIkipedia Article on St. Demetrius Donskoy




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