The Kursk Root Icon Arrives Friday
The Kursk Root Icon Arrives Friday

All are welcome to attend the services and submit names of the departed for commemoration.

The Kursk Root Icon arrives this Friday with Bishop Nicholas of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.  Here is the schedule of services...

Friday, October 24
3:00pm     Arrival of the Icon and Moleben for the intentions of those gathered  
4:00pm     Vespers and Matins for the Departed 

Saturay, October 25 (Saturday of Souls)
7:40am     Hours and the Divine Liturgy followed by Moleben of Thanksgiving and Anointing Service

All names of the departed for commemoration in the Divine Liturgy of the Saturday of Souls have been submitted.  Please remember our regular commemoration forms to submit names of the departed in the future.

The images above show the icon as it orginally was along with the more familiar icon covered in the blue and gold riza from 1597. The Theotokos is surrounded by figures who could be mistaken for angels but are not...
"The center of the icon features the sign Mother of God with the Christ child before her. Surrounding her are nine prophets holding Old Testament scrolls: (clockwise from top right) King Solomon, Daniel, Jeremiah, Elijah, Habakkuk (or Awakum), Gideon, Isaiah, Moses, and King David. The top of the icon typically includes God the Father." (Museum of Russian Icons description)

Detailed History of the Kursk Icon



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