Yearly Calendar 101
Yearly Calendar 101

Learn the history and features of the annual lectionary wall calendar...shipping now.

Bookstore Manager Innocent Neal answers questions about the annual liturgical calendar.  The 2015 calendar is ready to ship now  ( details ).

When was the first calendar was done and why?
In the early 80's the OCA switched to the Julian Calendar. The Calendars, Rubrics and Pocket Planners were created by St. Tikhon's Monastery to help facilitate that change for both the parishes and their parishioners.

How it has changed through the years?
Both the content and the look of the calendar has improved incrementally through the years, with more information and better designs. We feel this year's calendar is absolutely the best we've ever produced.

How do the funds raised help the monastery and bookstore?
The calendars are a major offering of the bookstore and are in some phase of development throughout the entire year. We print over 24,000 calendars and supply over 300 parishes and many more individuals with our lectionary wall calendar. So, the profits we receive from calendar sales are critical to all aspects of what we do, from new projects to daily operations (including funding new printing projects).
Aside from the OCA what other jurisdictions can also use the calendar?
The calendar can be useful for anyone on the new (Julian) calendar.  The lectionary and certain saints days differ (particularly in the Greek parishes), but much is the same. Also, this year's calendar is a beautiful work by the monastics of St. Tikhon's and can serve as a daily reminder of the Lord, His Saints and the life we are called to live.
Is imprinting available?
We are in the heart of the calendar season and now have over 200 orders in our system. We recommend orders be placed now, certainly by the end of November, to ensure having them by the beginning of the New Year. The imprint area is 10 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches and is visible to anyone looking at the calendar. Many of our customers find a local business to sponsor the calendar and put their imprint along side the parish information. It's an inexpensive way for sponsors to advertise to parishioners throughout the entire year (calendars with no imprinting may also be ordered).

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