New Liturgy Hymnal Set for the Council
New Liturgy Hymnal Set for the Council

A Common Book of Church Hymns: Divine Liturgy draft now available

At this year’s All-American Council in Atlanta, St. Tikhon’s Monastery Press will unveil a limited pre-release draft edition of its forthcoming publication, A Common Book of Church Hymns: Divine Liturgy, compiled and edited by Benedict Sheehan. This will be St. Tikhon’s first major music publication in decades, and perhaps its most comprehensive musical publication to date. From the introduction by Vladimir Morosan:

 “The present collection addresses an essential and fundamental need: the availability, under a single cover, of practically all the hymns, unchanging as well as variable, necessary for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy in the English language, set to melodies that allow for an aesthetically pleasing and stylistically unified rendition by a single chanter—if only one is present—or by a small ensemble of singers. In this regard, it constitutes an unprecedented liturgical music resource on North American soil, which carries the potential of transforming the musical aspect of Orthodox worship in small missionary parishes or in established parishes with small choirs and in other situations of evangelistic outreach, such as prisons, hospitals, military units, and mission stations.”

 A Common Book of Church Hymns: Divine Liturgy is a 238-page anthology of traditional chant melodies in the mainstream Slavic tradition, written on one staff, and arranged so that it may be sung satisfactorily by one, two, three, or four voices. As Benedict Sheehan states in his preface, the present collection “is the first volume in English that attempts to rival the existing Slavonic obikhods both in terms of comprehensiveness and in terms of easy adaptability to small ensembles or solo chanters.”

 The draft edition of A Common Book of Church Hymns: Divine Liturgy is being released in softcover format at the All-American Council in order to give the book a trial period prior to its large-scale publication. During the trial period purchasers of the book will be invited to submit feedback to STM Press. Anyone who purchases the draft edition will be eligible to purchase the final hardcover edition of the book at a discount when the book is released. Copies may be obtained either from St. Tikhon’s Bookstore or from Musica Russica.


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