Roasting in a Cold Winter
Roasting in a Cold Winter

The bookstore's new roasted coffee is a success

Last summer,  one member of the monastic community suggested roasted coffee as a new product to support the monastery.   Another brother had experience in roasting.  On September 4th, the feast day of the Holy Prophet and God-seer Moses, a brother suggested the name 'Burning Bush' for the new product.  After some research, the project became a reality in early 2016.

While a few other monastic communities in America have offered coffee, Burning Bush is unique in that it is manually roasted (by a 'real person') on the monastery grounds and not produced industrially.  Coffee is purchased from  high quality, unique, specialty grade beans from around the world. St. Tikhon's offer coffee beans that carry organic, fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certifications as well as non-certified coffees from reputable farms that have socially, environmentally and economically sustainable practices in place.

Currently coffee imports are from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Brazil  and Tanzania, but, other sources are constantly under consideration. Customers can choose whole bean or various ground coffee options.  Bookstore Manager Innocent Neal adds " We roast “to order” each week to ensure customers receive coffee at its peak freshness.  When orders are placed they are roasted on the next “roasting date” or shipped from a batch that’s been roasted within 2-3 days. Coffee is packaged in foil lined heat sealed bags with a one-way valve to help retain coffee freshness for an extended period of time."

Innocent relates that the response to the new product has been 'outstanding'.  Under a coffee subscription program which is designed for parish 'coffee hours' following Divine Liturgy,  parishes will receive a 30% discount on coffee when they buy at least  a 1 5lb bag per month. The coffee is then shipped automatically.  Please contact the bookstore directly for a personalized quote and options for your parish.

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