Advice from St. Tikhon of Moscow
Advice from St. Tikhon of Moscow

Two homilies for Lent can help us move forward spiritually.

"Unfortunately, brethren, we do not like to acknowledge our transgressions. It would seem natural and easy for a person to know his own self, his own soul and his shortcomings. This, however, is actually not so. We are ready to attend to anything but a deeper understanding of ourselves, an investigation of our sins."

St. Tikhon of Moscow, founding Metropolitan of our monastery, calls our attention to the need for repentance and self-examination in his homily for Forgivenss Sunday posted on the site of Holy Trinitty Cathedral in California.  He also reminds us of two other facets of the season of Lent in his homily for the Sunday of Orthodoxy...

"Offering earnest prayers for the successful preaching of Christ, we can also show our interest by helping it not be ashamed of the smallness of your offering. If you have much, offer all you can, but do offer, do not lose the chance of helping the cause of the conversion of your neighbors to Christ..."

St. Tikhon's Homilies:
Cheesefare Sunday 1901

Homily for the Sunday of Orthodoxy 1903




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