Summer Newsletter
Summer Newsletter

Highlights of the last year at St. Tikhon's Monastery

The annual newsletter is available and reviews the last year at the monastery.  Included is an overview of what members of the Brotherhood are doing:

The brotherhood continues to work diligently for the Church and our Lord, offering prayers and daily Liturgy for the salvation of all. Fr. Gabriel continues to help at Holy Annunciation Greek Parish in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Fr. Innokenty works hard packing your books for shipment at the Bookstore.
Fr. Nicodemus labors tirelessly in the Church readying for the next service (two or more every day.) Fr. Michael continues to work at the Seminary library helping students and faculty. Fr. Kyril makes the seasonal honey you purchase at the bookstore. Hierodeacon Herman is returning to join the brotherhood in July and will continue his good work in liturgical publishing. Hierodeacon Maximus is already busy working on next year’s calendar. Br. Stephen, our guest master, now helps roast our monastery coffee which is now available. Br. Anton restores icons and frescos in the Church and around the property. Br. Stephanos labors night and day making candles which are available for  purchase through the bookstore while Br. Daniel directs the choir and helps with the choral typography. We also welcome Seraphim and Hesychios who have joined us as postulants and are exploring their potential vocations.

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