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St. Tikhons selection of monastery products continues to grow.

St. Tikhon's Monastery continues to produce unique items to benefit  Orthodox Christians in America and around the world as well as providing needed income for monastery operation.

Perhaps the most familiar outreach of the monastery is STS/STM Press which has produced a variety of books for practical spirituality as well of Service Books over the past few years.   The latest offering is "St. Tikhon of Moscow: Instructions and Teachings. A special section at the bookstore website provides an easy way to see books printed by the monastery press:

STS Books

The newest product produced by the monastery is Burning Bush Coffee.   Imported from a variety of sources, the monastery has developed a variety of unique blends for use for local parish fellowship gatherings (special prices are available) as well as individual use.

Burning Bush Coffee

Bees provide the ingredients for two important items offered by St. Tikhon's:  candles and honey.

Candles are a vital part of Orthodox worship  (a parish church can literallyl burn through hundreds of candles in a year).  Pure beeswax hand-dipped candles are produced by the monastery and shipped all over the world.   Honey is also gathered and packaged in jars for sale from hives at the monastery.



St. Tikhon's has partnered with the oldest producers wines in the New World to bottle St. Tikhon's Sacramental Wine. The wine is available only for church use.

Sacramental Wine

Using the arts to advance the Faith has been a characteristic of the Church throughout its history.   The monastic community at St. Tikhon's offers paintings at select times of the year on a variety of religious themes.   The monastery promotes the work of Iconographer Ivan Rumiantsev who write and restore icons at the monastery and at churches throughout the country.  The latest effort of the monastery is the Chamber Choir which  released its first album in 2015 and offers concerts at on occasion.

Monastic Art


Chamber Choir

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