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A reflection from St. Nikolai on thanksgiving.

While the upcoming secular holiday of Thanksgiving is supposed to focus our attention on the many things God has given us, St. Nikolai Velimirovich points out that thanksgiving is something that we should do every moment of our lives in humility...

“I recognize that my debt was greater, and that more was forgiven me. I was called to the priesthood from juridical and public offices; and that is why I show myself ungrateful if I love less than the measure to which I am forgiven.” These are the words of St. Ambrose, who was unexpectedly called by God to change vocations and, having been a secular judge, to become an archbishop of Christ’s Church. With these words the saint demonstrated how the priestly calling is greater than the secular calling, how he came to the priestly vocation by God’s calling,  and how he who is called owes thanksgiving to God. All the saints considered the debt of thanksgiving to God as their main debt. Without thanksgiving to God there can be no progress in the spiritual life. Ceaseless thanksgiving to God is noble seed from which, if it is watered by the tears of unceasing repentance, a beautiful fruit grows— love for God.



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