Feastday of St. Alexis Toth
Feastday of St. Alexis Toth

Orthodoxy in America owes much to this determined priest

Today, May 7, is the Feastday of St. Alexis Toth.  While Orthodoxy in America  (as well as other nations) is a product of the Holy Spirit working through many men and women, in our nation the accomplishments of bringing numerous Eastern Catholic parishes into the Orthodox Church has not been matched by any other evangelist.   Learn more about this American saint through the links below.

Let us, the faithful, praise the Priest Alexis,  a bright beacon of Orthodoxy in America,  a model of patience and humility,  a worthy shepherd of the Flock of Christ. 
He called back the sheep who had been led astray and brought them by his preaching  to the Heavenly Kingdom!


Life of St. Alexis

Icon of the Life of St. Alexis


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