Discovering the Saints of the West
Discovering the Saints of the West

Today's saint is one of hundreds of the British Isles

Today on the OCA saint listing prominence is given to the Welsh Saint Nectan. A central part of his life story is the final event: his head was cut off by robbers to whom he was preaching after they had stolen his cows. The saint picked up his head and carried it back to his hermitage near a spring. Where each drop of blood touched the ground, a foxglove sprang up.

St Nectan is one of hundreds of saints of Britain, Scotland and Ireland who are often overlooked but whose testimonies, in life and death, are as powerful as those more well known. One unfortunate characteristic of saints of the British Isles is the inconsistency in naming a feast day for many (different calendars have the same saint on different days). There is one extensive listing complete with biographies and some troparia and it is listed below. Please note this is not an 'Orthodox' list but nevertheless is very thorough and accurate.

May St Nectan lead you to discover the hidden wealth of the saints of the British Isles!

Biography of St Nectan

Extensive Saint Listing

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