A Recital of German Song
A Recital of German Song

November 19 at the Monastery Music Center

The Music Faculty of St. Tikhons’s would be honored if you joined us for our next evening of song. This recital, produced by Fr. Paul Stetsenko and drawn from the insights gained from his doctoral studies, explores the genius (both bright and dark) of German music.

So much of what we consider the best of western classical music was created by German minds in German culture—the lasting global influence of which is audible in the very hymns we sing here at St. Tikhon’s. We offer you this recital so that you can enjoy these songs both for their own beauty as we experience them today and for the influence they had on our forebears. 

Our mission, in sharing these evening performances, is to show that all beauty is truly Christ’s. And that while we create beautiful music inside the sanctuary, as a testament to the Source of Beauty, we also create beautiful music OUTSIDE of the sanctuary, as a testament to that same Beauty. 

Please come, bring your friends and neighbors, and support our effort to create beauty and to share it with you all!! 
When: Friday, November 19th at 7:00-8:30pm
Where: St. Tikhon’s Music Center (above Bookstore) 175 St. Tikhon’s Rd. Waymart
What: Recital of German Song—featuring the Music of Bach, Schubert, The Schumanns, Brahms, Wagner, Schoenberg, Strauss; free-will offering taken to support the artists and the Music Center; reception to follow; (any children able to be silently attentive are most welcome)
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