A Primer for the Christian Life Part 2
A Primer for the Christian Life Part 2

More guidance of Blessed Alexander

Hieroconfessor Alexander of Omsk served the faith in Russian during the long night of Bolshevik oppression.   He was constantly, physically and mentally, persecuted by the authorities but remained strong in the Faith.  This guide is a simple plan to lead a spiritual life.  We are breaking it in three parts to allow for proper consideration of the many points. 

21. You must continuously strengthen your faith by recourse to repentance and prayer and by contact with persons who themselves have profound faith.

22. Make a commemoration list for yourself and pray for all the living and the dead you know, for those who hate or offend you, for those who have suffered for the Faith in our time, and for those who have no one to pray for them.

23. Search, search always for opportunities to show compassion and co-suffering love for others. You cannot please God without deeds of mercy. Be like the sun and shine upon all. Compassion has greater value than any sacrifice.

24. Go nowhere without a pressing need.

25. Speak and laugh as little as possible; give no reign to useless curiosity.

26. Do not remain idle. Honor the Lord’s Day and Feast Days as God commands.

27. Love holy solitude.

28. Endure every affront. At the onset of the temptation, suffer in silence, and when a little time has passed, reproach yourself and pray for your offender.

29. What is most important is to learn patience and humility. By humility we prevail over the demons; by patience we conquer the passions that war against our souls and bodies.

30. When you pray, let no one notice your tears of compunction or zeal for salvation, except God Himself.

31. Revere Orthodox Priests as angelic heralds of good tidings, sent to gladden the faithful and bring you salvation.

32. Treat others with the respect due to heirs of the celestial kingdom, yet with the caution you would employ handling fire.

33. Forgive everything and empathize with all men in their sufferings.

34. Do not be obsessed with yourself like a hen with an egg she has just laid, but take thought for your neighbor.

35. The Holy Spirit flees the man who seeks an easy, tranquil life.

36. Melancholy and a troubled spirit result from insufficient prayer.

37. Call upon your Guardian Angel everywhere and always.

38. Ever lament in your heart for your sins. When you have occasion to confess them and partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, rejoice in silence, and you will be cleansed.* (see postscript below)

39. Concern yourself only with your own inadequacies and imperfections. Guard yourself against dwelling on the sins of others and on passing judgment. Do not bring about your own perdition by judging others. He who judges others is an antichrist.

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