A Primer for the Christian Life Part 3
A Primer for the Christian Life Part 3

As we approach Lent consider this additional wisdom

Here is the final part of the concise teaching of Blessed Alexander of Omsk on living a spiritual life.  

40. Do not trust even your good inclinations. Do not trust your own heart; instead, refer to the judgment of your spiritual Father.

41. Every evening confess to God all your sinful thoughts, words, and deeds.

42. Before you go to sleep, make peace with all, prostrating yourself before anyone you have offended.

43. Do not tell others about your dreams.

44. Prayer said at night is of greater value than prayer said during the day.

45. Cross yourself before you go to sleep.

46. Do not let your ties with your spiritual Father loosen. Fear to grieve or offend him. Hide nothing from him.

47. Thank God for everything.

48. Conceive of your inner self as divided into two halves—one your possession, the other the enemy’s domain. Flee every suggestion of the noetic foe.

49. It befits you to bless others and to have words of thanks on your tongue.

50. Love the Church’s ordinances and strive to fulfill all of them.

51. Keep diligent watch over yourself, especially over your senses, through which the adversary gains access to your soul.

52. When confronted by your infirmity, by your weakness in accomplishing good deeds, remember that you cannot save yourself. Your Savior is our Lord Jesus Christ.

53. The cruel foe never slumbers. He stalks you throughout the day. Let faith be your impregnable fortress.

54. Sorrows, difficulties, illnesses—all these bring us closer to God; therefore, do not complain about them and do not fear them.

55. No one has ever reached Heaven by a life of pleasure and unbroken happiness.

56. Partake as frequently as possible of the Holy, Life-giving Mysteries of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, with faith, compunction, and a contrite heart. Only through the Holy Eucharist can you know true life.* (see postscript below)

57. Never forget that Divine judgment and requital are at hand.

58. Remember also everything beautiful that the Lord has prepared for those who love Him and keep His commandments.

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