Writing the New and Restoring the Old
Writing the New and Restoring the Old

Iconographer Ivan Rumiantsev continues the ancient tradition from St. Tikhon's.

Born in Russia in 1972, Ivan came to St. Tikhon's to teach at the seminary after completing the program at the  Moscow School of Fine Arts and an internship with a major in tempera art restoration in 1991.  As time passed Ivan has become a sought-after iconographer not only by St. Tikhon's Monastery but by churches across the country.

His most recent project of restoration at St. Nicholas Church in Ohio has been closely documented on the church's Facebook page. Ivan also has a website which features additional information and many examples of his work.

Ivan may be contacted through his website or by calling the STS Press bookstore (1-888-454-6678).

Here is a photogallery featuring some of the stages of his restoration at St. Nicholas as well as other icons he has written or restored:

Selected Works of Iconographer Ivan Rumiantsev

(8 images)

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